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Explore our diverse options and services listed above, including private and shared luxury yacht tours aboard the Sphynx Yacht. Experience personalized adventures and attentive service.

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Prefer privacy? Choose a private tour, relishing intimate moments with your couple or friends onboard.

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Alone? Join others for shared tours, creating new memories and connections aboard our luxury yacht.

Water Activities

Dive into the excitement with thrilling water activities, sports experiences, and refreshing swims that await you!

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Indulge in exclusive onboard parties, perfectly customized to fit your preferences and desires.

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Explore the wonders of Barcelona with unforgettable tours aboard the luxurious Sphynx yacht.

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Ultimate luxury, personal service, and unforgettable memories await on our exclusive yacht tours.

Departure & Return Location

Pg. de Joan de Borbó 103, Berth 80, 08039, Barcelona

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Luxury Yacht Tours Barcelona: Private and Shared Tour 

Private Tour

Shared Tour per person

Private Tour Ibiza, Menorca & Palma De Mallorca

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Ibiza, Menorca, or Palma De Mallorca aboard the Sphynx yacht, departing from Barcelona. Our exclusive trip includes breakfast for 20 euros a day, optional but highly recommended. Accommodating 1 to a maximum of 7 guests, enjoy the comfort of your own bedroom and 2 baths for showering. Departure and return journeys take one day each, while the rest of the trip is dedicated to island exploration. From port to port, swim, relax, or explore the cities at your leisure. Please note that port taxes are not included. For further details and preferences, feel free to inquire directly.

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Private Tour Costa Brava

Embark on an exclusive Costa Brava journey with Sphynx Yacht, departing from Barcelona. Enjoy optional breakfast at 20 euros per day. Accommodating 1 to 7 guests, each with a private bedroom and 2 baths. Each journey takes a day for departure and return, with the rest devoted to exploring Costa Brava’s scenic coastline. Swim, relax, or explore charming coastal towns, go to Cadaqués for example. Port taxes not included. For inquiries, contact us directly. 

Special packages from Sphynx: Costa brava tours

Sphynx Tour Gift Card

Surprise loved ones with unforgettable experiences. Our gift cards offer the freedom to choose from a range of luxury activities, from sailing tours to romantic getaways. Give the gift of adventure and create lasting memories together. Perfect for any occasion, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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